Mr. Tomoyuki Okawa will from April 2020 take the position as Chairman of K Line Offshore AS.



    After spending about 5 years in Norway from 2012 to 2017 as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in K Line Offshore AS (KOAS), Mr. Tomoyuki Okawa (Tomo) will from April 2020 move to Norway and take the position as Chairman of KOAS. He will also on behalf of the Energy Division of K Line in Tokyo explore new opportunities for the group within the offshore and shipping area.

    The present chairman Mr. Satoshi Kanamori being Executive Officer in the Energy Division of K Line in Tokyo will continue as Board Member.

    The KOAS-organization in Arendal will remain the same headed by CEO Mr. Petter Nordby.

    For any further information please contact Petter Nordby mobile 90694769.


    Arendal 10th February, 2020

  • New contracts for 2 PSVs

    K Line Offshore AS has recently secured several new contracts for projects to be carried out in the next months in the North Sea.

    PSV KL Barentsfjord was awarded a 6+6 monthly contract with Repsol Sinopec UK Limited for support of JU Ensco 100. The contract commenced in May 2019.

    We are also pleased to announce that the company has been awarded a contract with CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, for the PSV KL Brisfjord. The vessel will support the drilling of Cragganmore prospect, located West of Shetland, Block 208/17a. Drilling at Cragganmore is scheduled to commence in summer 2019. CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited holds a 70% interest in Cragganmore and is the operator. INEOS holds a 30% interest.

    K Line Offshore AS is grateful that our PSVs have been chosen for the aforementioned scopes.

  • Changes in the Management structure

    K Line Offshore AS(KOAS) has changed the management structure. The Management team in KOAS now consists of Petter Nordby, Carl H. Sørensen and Espen Sørensen.



    The Management team now consists of Petter Nordby, Carl H. Sørensen and Espen Sørensen.

    Mr. Petter Nordby was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and also elected as a Board Member, 1st April 2019. Mr. Nordby joined K Line Offshore AS as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2010. He has a long career within the shipping and offshore industry. He started in Leif Høegh & Co in Oslo and then served 17 years in the Ugland Group in Grimstad holding position as CFO and also being responsible for Business Development. Before joining KOAS he had some years as independent consultant with several engagements for investors, shipowners, shipyards and banks. Mr. Nordby graduated from The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen.

    Mr. Carl H. Sørensen was appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) from 1st April 2019. Mr. Sørensen started to work for K Line Offshore AS when they took delivery of their first vesel in October 2008. Having worked as Chartering Manager, Manager Chartering and Operations and SVP Chartering. He has a varied experience from tanker, chemical and offshore markets where he has held Shipbroker and Chartering Manager positions for Inge Stensland AS, Odin Marine Inc, Stolt Nielsen Shipping and Primorsk Shipping.

    Mr. Espen Sørensen has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) from 1st April 2019. Mr. Sørensen joined K Line Offshore AS in 2013 and held the position as SVP Operation and Technical. He has a long career in the shipping and offshore industry for vessels in operation, newbuilding projects and build-up of management organisations. Educated at Kristiansand Technical College, he began his career in Viking Supply Ships AS as a trainee at sea in 1991 and served as Chief Engineer for 8 years. In 2004 he joined the Viking Supply`s onshore organisation as Technical Superintendent. Before he joined K Line Offshore AS, he worked in Deep Sea Supply for more than 6 years where he served as Technical Director.

  • Change of Board of Directors

    Due to changes in the Energy Division of "K" Line Tokyo, a new Board of Directors has been elected for K Line Offshore AS.

    Our new Chairman is Mr. Satoshi Kanamori while Mr. Petter Nordby, newly elected as CEO of K Line Offshore AS, is a Board Member. Mr. Tomoyuki Okawa who was the previous Chairman is now an Advisor to the Board.

    S. Kanamori was in April 2019 promoted to Executive Officer in the Energy Division of "K" Line with responsibility of LNG and Energy Business Planning. He graduated from Sophia University in Japan 1991 and then joined K Line the same year. After some years in K Line America and the Car Carrier Division he has most of his career been in the Energy Division. When K Line Offshore started operation with new vessels in 2010, he was involved by being Manager of the Energy Transportation Business Development Group in Tokyo.

    We welcome Mr. Kanamori as our new Chairman of the Board,  and we are looking forward to the continuous great cooperation and relationship with our shareholder K Line, Tokyo.


  • Sale of KL Arendalfjord

    KL Arendalfjord uten logo

    On Thursday 25th April a Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance was signed and KL Arendalfjord was delivered by K Line Offshore AS(KOAS) to Gard Supply AS in Tønsberg, Norway.

    KL Arendalfjord was delivered from Vard, Brevik in 2004 and acquired through a long term bareboatcharter by KOAS in 2009. The vessel is the UT755L-type with deck area of 680m2. KOAS had the vessel as a front-runner for the four PSV’s of 06CD-design and deck area of 1.100m2 delivered from Vard, Brevik 2010/11.  
    KL Arendalfjord secured in 2010 a term contract with Petrobras in Brazil which lasted for 5 years. After expiry of the contract the vessel sailed back to North Sea and due to the significant drop in the activity the vessel went to lay-up in Porsgrunn in the winter of 2016 and continued the lay-up until the sale to a new owner.
    For further information please contact CEO Petter Nordby or COO Espen Sørensen.


    We welcome Henrik Mortensen as our new Accounting Manager from 1st of January 2019.

    Henrik has education from BI, Oslo, as Bachelor in Business Administration and from Aarhus University in Denmark, specializing in Accounting/Control.

    Henrik started his business career in auditing for Revisjonspartner in Oslo and Ernst & Young in Arendal. Then he had the position as Finance Manager/ Controller in Hernis Scan Systems and Aebi Schmidt. Both these companies have foreign owners giving Henrik significant experience in budgeting and reporting by applying international standards.

    Henrik is 39 years old, grew up in Arendal. He is married and have one child.

    We look forward having Henrik as our new colleague.


    Change of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    We hereby announce that the CEO of K Line Offshore AS, Mr. Takahiko Tsurukawa has been promoted to Executive Officer of Bulk Carrier Business within K Line, and he will return to K Line Head Quarter in Tokyo 1st of April 2019.

    From the same date the CFO of K Line Offshore AS, Mr. Petter Nordby will also take the position as CEO of the company. Petter Nordby has been employed by K Line Offshore AS since 2010 as the CFO.

    For more information, please contact Mr. Petter Nordby on phone number +47 90 69 47 69.




    We are pleased to announce that Mr. Lasse Dahl Nilssen started 1st October as Operational Manager in K Line Offshore AS (KOAS).

    Lasse is well known in our company since he from delivery of our vessels in 2010 first served as Deck Officer on our PSV’s and later on our AHTS KL Saltfjord. In 2013 he went ashore and started as a Marine and Technical Superintendent at our technical manager OSM Offshore.
    Lasse has education as Master Mariner from Kristiansand, and he has also some university courses in addition to be certified as a First Officer.
    He is 34 years old, married and has 2 children.
    We welcome Lasse as a member of the “KOAS-family”.

  • "K" Line Environmental Awards 2018 Ceremony

    K Line environmental awards

    During a ceremony held at the head quarter of “K” Line in Tokyo 5th June 2018, K Line Offshore AS(KOAS) received an Excellence Award. As part of “K” Line Group Environmental Vision the Environmental Awards were established in 2015 in order to honor and give recognition to outstanding environmental preservation activities.

    KOAS received the award for the installation of shore power equipment on our Anchor Handlers (AHTS). In order to reduce emissions Norwegian ports have installed shore power connections, and we as vessel owner reacted quickly for the required installation onboard our AHTS’s. The Norwegian authorities have been supportive by granting financial support for the investments. In addition to the contribution for better environment by no emissions to the air since there is no burning of fuel in port, we benefit from better comfort onboard. Then we have less hours on the engines and possibility for maintenance work. We were as the first owner given “Shore Power” as part of the notation from DNV GL.

    CFO Petter Nordby received the award on behalf of KOAS from President and CEO Eizo Murakami, and Nordby thanked “K” Line for the support and for their focus on environmental issues.