From 1st of May 2021 Tomoyuki (Tomo) Okawa has taken the role of Chief Executive Officer of K Line Offshore AS, and he is maintaining his role as Chairman of the company. After more than ten years in the company and the last two years as CEO Petter Nordby will semi-retire and take the role as Senior Advisor.

At the same time there are implemented some changes in the organization as summarized:

1.    Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Carl H. Sørensen is the deputy to CEO, and act on behalf of CEO in case of CEO’s physical and/or online absence.
2.    New position, Planning and Renewable Business Manager Kristoffer Wold is responsible for renewable energy business development, changing from his present title Chartering Manager.  
3.    Due to increased responsibilities Henrik Mortensen has a new title Finance Manager after being Accounting Manager.  
4.    Senior Advisor Petter Nordby will be part-time and contribute to KOAS for advising and assisting in various tasks. 


One focus area for the company will now be to develop renewable energy business opportunities in close cooperation with the shareholder K Line in Tokyo. The ambition is to transform KOAS business from focusing on hydrocarbon-oriented business to carbon neutral creating business.

For more information, please contact CEO Tomoyuki Okawa at +47 48322498.